Monday, July 6, 2009


Crystal, Anjelica, Ethan and myself are making presentation boxes at Technology. Crystal and I are finished. We used copper to make the name plate. We also put felt on the inside. We finished the wood with bees wax. We signed the bottom of our work with our name and the year.
By Sheridan

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today at woodwork we are making Presentation Boxes. They are going to have a copper nameplate on top. The nameplate can have anyone you likes name on it. We trace our lettering for someones name, or our name. Then we put the piece of paper onto the copper. Now we press the copper lettering up to make a 3D effect.
By Ethan, Crystal & Anjelica


For the last two weeks we have been in Art for technology. We have been having mini explorations and large explorations. We learned colour families and colour opposites. We also drew sea animals on practice paper, then stuck the picture on the window and traced it onto a good piece of paper. Last we blended colours on our good copy of a sea animal.
By Santana & Tyler


Today we did painting and drew our pictures on pieces of material. We got to pick our pictures. We could choose from things like Winnie the Pooh and Fairies. Canon decided to draw the characters from Sponge Bob. Next week we might be doing the outline and the dying.
By Fayth, Canon and Danielle


For the last two weeks I have been at music by myself. We have been learning about rhythm and how to play the keyboard.
By Ty


Today for technology I was at sewing. I was finishing painting my material pictures. I'm doing it for my family. I did a mare and pony, another was a husky.

Miss Marshell is a very good teacher.
By Kerianne


Nova, Francine and Jonti have been in ICT for technology. We have created a barinstorm on FreeMind and are now working on creating a PowerPoint about things we like. We brainstormed the things we would like to find out about our topic. Now we are on to gathering information and pictures.
By Nova, Francine & Jonti